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Monday, October 12, 2015


Ramzan 3 – Bahr-e-Aam of Farzand-e-Mehdi AS, Sair-e-Nabuath, Siddiq-E-Akbar, Awwal Miran, Bandagi Miran Hz Syed Mehmood “Sani-e-Mehdi RZ” Shaheed, First Khalifa RZ, First Son of Mehdi AS, First Shaheed-E-Mehdavia, First Hakim of Mehdavia, First Sadr-e-Ijma, Ahl-e-fazal (Bhelot).Ramzan 4 – URS of Farzand-e-Mehdi AS, Sair-e-Nabuath, Siddiq-E-Akbar, Awwal Miran, Bandagi Miran Hz Syed Mehmood “Sani-e-Mehdi RZ” Shaheed, First Khalifa RZ, First Son of Mehdi AS, First Shaheed-E-Mehdavia, First Hakim of Mehdavia, First Sadr-e-Ijma, Ahl-e-fazal (Bhelot). (By Taher Mohammed Saheb)

“So their Lord accepted of them …so those who were emigrated and were driven out of their homes, and suffered harm in My cause, and who fought, and were killed (in My cause), ….3:195
The Bahr-e-Aam of Farzand-e-Mehdi AS, Sair-e-Nabuath, Siddiq-E-Akbar, Awwal Miran, Bandagi Miran Hz Syed Mehmood “Sani-e-Mehdi RZ” Shaheed, First Khalifa RZ, First Son of Mehdi AS, First Shaheed-E-Mehdavia, First Hakim of Mehdavia, First Sadr-e-Ijma, Ahl-e-fazal, is on 4 and his Urs on 5 Ramzan his Mousoleum is at Bhelot.

Hz Syed Mehmood ‘Sani-e-Mehdi’ RZ is the first Son of Imamuna AS from his first wife Ummul Musaddiqeen Bibi Allahdadi Rz. Hz Syed Mehmood RZ was born at Jaunpur in 867H. When he was 18, in Danapur he reposed faith in Mehdiath of Imamuna AS before he literally claimed. Nearly 18 years after this incident Hz Imamuna AS staked his claim to be the Promised Mehdi AS during that time Hz Syed Mehmood RZ was 36 years old and at the time of Imamuna AS demise Hz Syed Mehmood RZ was 41 years old. His term of Khilafat was 9 years and at the time of his demise in 919 Hijri he was about 50 years old.

Hz Syed Mehmood RZ first married Bibi Khoob Kalan RZ and after her demise he married Bibi Kad Bano RZ and had three sons by the glad tidings of Imamuna AS (Mubashar-e-Mehdi AS) and a daughter. His first son is Hz Syed Abdul Hai “Roshan Munawar” RZ , second son is Hz Syed Yakoob RZ ‘Hasan-e-Vilayath’ also known as ‘Shajaratul-Murshideen’ from him the famous lineage of the ‘Barah Bani Israil-E-Vilayath’ blooms. His 3rd son is Hz Miran Syed Ahmed RZ, he passed away in infancy and a daughter Bibi Khunza Fatima RZ.

After the passing away of Hz Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri ‘Imamuna Mahdi-e-Mau’ood AS, the companions, particularly Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ, had called him ‘Sani-e-Mahdi [the Second to Mahdi AS]. This was in accordance with the Commandment of Allah, “… the second of the two; when they were in the cave….”9:40. Somebody asked, “How do you call him “Sani-e-Mahdi?” Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar RZ said, “The purport of “Sani-e-Mahdi” is “sani-e-Asnain” (the Second of the Two)”.

Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ use to call the IJMA (congregation) once in every 8 days, along with the inmates of his Daira all the Khalifas RZ and the migrating companions of the Imamuna AS were also invited in the Ijma. After discussions a mahzar (the resolution) would be drafted, what would be the course of action in the future for propagating the teachings of Imamuna AS. His entire daira use to be present in each and every ijma and he use to see especially the young children working and taking part in the Ijma work, because he said they are the succeeding generations who would follow in the footsteps of the elders.

After some nine months after the demise of Hz Imamuna AS, As per a bishrath from Imamuna AS, Hz Sani-e-Mahdi RZ left Farah and arrived in India with his companions RZ and camped at the Bhilot village. As soon as Hz Bandagi Miyan Rz heard of his migration to Gujrath he directly went to the Daira of Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ and said,
“This banda [servant] has come with the intention of remaining in the company of the Miran RZ [i.e Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Mahmood RZ].” But Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ said “Make us happy and go” a month later he has to leave.

In the second time, a thought came to Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ that initially he had gone alone to Bhelot and probably that was why Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ did not allow him to stay there. He thought, “If I go now with the seekers of Allah Most High, he might allow me to stay there.” Hence, four months later for the Second time he again visited but along with his entire Daira. Then Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ took Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ by the hand to a secluded place and said, “I am the one who desires your good. Act as I ask you to. Hz Imamuna AS has placed the burden of “Qaatilu wa Qutailu” (fought and fallen). This would become impossible if you remain with us. Hence, you remain separately so that the people listen to your bayan [discourse] on Quran, get initiated on your hand and help you so that the saying of Hz Imamuna AS is rendered possible.” Hence, Hz Bandagi Miyan Rz left Bhelot in tears with his companions and seekers of his daira and camped at Bholara. Similarly other companions were also persuaded by Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ to form Daira’s across the country and spread the teachings of Imamuna AS. Such was the intensity of love and humbleness (nesthi) in between these eminent companions of Imamuna AS.

Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ was in Bhelot when the soldiers of the Sultan of Gujrat came and arrested him on the instigation by the worldly Ulema’s and shackled him chains with heavy boulders and took him to Ahmedabad when he was leaving the Daira Hz Shah Nemath RZ and Hz Shah Dilawar RZ arrived on the moment and wanted to accompany him but the soldiers objected and on much insistence by both the Khalifas RZ only Hz Shah Dilawar RZ was allowed to travel along with him and Hz Shah Dilawar RZ served Hz Sani-e-mehdi RZ during his detention. He left a message to Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ to stay back. But he cannot control himself and visited him in detention and said he would break open the doors and take him home if given permission, He said I am not a thief to run away in such a manner, we will put faith in Allah.

Meanwhile, Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ conveyed this news of arrest to the Mehdavi sisters of the Sultan and these noble ladies born and brought up in luxury began an in house protest and sat in the Open Verandah in the cold night and hot sun of the day and refused to take food or go back in the palace until Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ is released. When this in-house protest came to the notice of the Sultan he learnt the full facts of the case and realised his folly and immediately issued the royal order for release of Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ.

After forty-one days of detention Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ ankles were unchained, the heavy chains with boulders injured his ankles, the wounds of his ankles spread to his thighs and he use to experience severe pain. Despite all this he continued to go to the mosque and give daily Bayan of Quran etc etc…. Two and half months after his return to Bhilot Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ passed away due to his severe injuries. In this way he achieved martyrdom on 4th Ramazan 918H (13th Nov 1512 CE).
At the time of his demise his children were very young. As per his advice (Wasiyat) all the members of the family (Ahle Baith) Bibi Mulkan RZ, Bibi Kad Banu RZ, Bibi Khunza Fatima RZ, Bibi Khunza Gouhar RZ was about 4 years old, Bibi Hidayathullah RZ, Mian Syed Salamullah RZ, Miran Syed Hameed RZ, Miran Syed Ibrahim RZ, his sons Miran Syed Abdul Hay Roshan Munawwar RZ was 11 years old, and Miran Syed Yakoob RZ was 7 years old. They all moved to the daira of Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Nizam RZ 4th Khalifa of Imamuna AS, who himself sent carriages for the journey of the Holy family of the Imam AS.

Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ had not appointed anyone as his successor in his lifetime he persuaded the Khalifas RZ and other migrating companions to establish Daira’s and spread the teachings of Imamuna AS. It was not an easy task to live separately due to lot of affection with each other. After many efforts other Khulafa RZ accepted to establish separate Daira’s. Nearly 10 Daira’s were established in his lifetime. Among the 5 Khulafa RZ of Imamuna AS only Hz Shah Dilawar Rz the 5th Khalifa of Imamuna AS remained and did not leave Sani-e-Mehdi RZ, he excused himself from going away from the Farzand-E-Mehdi AS and he justified with a noble saying in honor of the other Khulafa RZ. As the eminent Companions were already spreading the word of the Imamuna A.S he begged to remain at the feet of Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ. He pleaded in this manner, “For the sake of your love to Allah, do not ask me to go away from you”.

[Note: Until his demise Hz Shah Dilawar RZ served the family of Imamuna AS, later he was with Farzand-E-Mehdi AS, Aaqa Zaadeh Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ until his demise, and later served the Shajratul Murshideen ‘Shah Zadah-e-Vilayath’ Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Shah Yakoob “Hasan-e-Vilayath” RZ, father of Barah Bani Israil-e-Vilayath and grandson of Imam Mehdi AS (he was fondly addressed as Khuzadeh i.e “Khundkar Zadeh” by the migrating companions of Imamuna AS), due to his efforts as per the bisharath of Imamuna AS the second marriage of Hz Bibi Syeda Fatima RZ noble daughter of Imamuna AS took place with Bandagi Miyan Hz Syed Khundmir RZ].

At the time of Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ burial Hz Miyan Syed Salamullah RZ lamented that there is no khalifa to Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ and his children are still young, on hearing this Hz Shah Dilawar RZ said he never parted his company with him and he is the Khalifa of Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ and moreover he was the 5th eminent Khalifa of Imamuna AS also. In a separate instance, Bandagi Miyan Hz Syed Khundmir RZ Shaheed also said that he is the Khalifa of Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ although he was the 2nd eminent Khalifa of Imamuna AS. They both received mutual uncountable basharath from Imamuna AS. Being no appointed successors to take charge of the Daira, the fuqara of the daira dispersed and multiplied and it is said that approximately 18 new Daira’s sprang out of the Single Mother Daira of Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ. One can see the fact that even after the Martyrdom of Farzand-e-Mehdi Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ, the faith spread through the spreading of new Dairas from his single Daira.

There was rain in the daira of Bandagi Miran Syed Mahmood (RZ). The houses of all his companions were destroyed. However, the house of the Miran RZ survived. The Miran RZ lamented that he was not among the ijma’ (unanimity). He was happy when his house too fell down due to heavy rain.
Excerpts included from Sayir-e-Nabuvath Hz Meeran Syed Mahmood Sani-E-Mahdi RZ
By Janab Abu Naimath Shahab.
Published and Printed by Mehdavia Foundation, Chicago, USA.
O Allâh! Send your blessings (and the Holy Words of Yours) upon Muhammad (SAS) and the family of Muhammad (SAS), as You have send blessings upon Ibrâhim A.S and the family of Ibrâhim A.S. You are worthy of all praise, All Glorious.
O Allâh! Bless Muhammad (SAS) and the family of Muhammad (SAS) as You have already blessed Ibrâhim A.S. and the family of Ibrâhim A.S. You are worthy of all praise, All Glorious.

The First bisharat:
At the birth the name given to him as Syed Mahmood is the glad tiding in that he is the Sahib-e-Muqam-e-Mahmood [Lord of the Praised Station]. This came through the mouth of Hazrat Imam MahdiAS. This was the final bisharat [glad tiding], which was understood by only those who could understand.

The second bisharat is the one . Hazrat Bibi IlahditiRZ had performed the tasdiq of Hazrat Imam MahdiAS. Hazrat Bandagi Miran Syed MahmoodRZ followed suit in performing the tasdiq. At that time, Hazrat ImamAS had said: “See! The bones, flesh, blood and skin of Syed Mahmood RZ had all become ‘illa Allah’.”

The third bisharat.This was about Hazrat Syed Mahmood RZ’s ‘fana-dar-zath-e-Rab-be-Ghafoor’ [perishing in the zath of the Lord, the Forgiving]. Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS, pointing to his own breast, said, “Whatever has been placed in this breast, has been placed in that breast [that of Hazrat Bandagi Miran Syed MahmoodRZ].”

The fourth bisharat:This relates to the time of the death in an accident of Miran Syed Ajmal RZ. It may be recalled that after the accident, Hazrat Bandagi Miran Syed Mahmood RZ had become grief-stricken. At that time, Allah Most High commanded Hazrat Imam MahdiAS, “Go and tell Syed Mahmood that there is none greater than you [in Our estimation]. If Syed Ajmal were alive, he would have reached the station of Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS. But the station of Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS is the most magnanimous of all stations.”
in another words the incident is recorded that, Imamuna AS went to Miran Syed Mahmood RZ and came out of the hujra along with him and said, ‘Two persons of the same rank will not live during this period. Had Miran Ajmal RZ been alive, he would have been in your position. But he was not destined to be in your position. Allah’s writing (navisht) was like that. Do not grieve.’
(Then the Imam AS recommended in respect of Miyan Ajmal RZ. Allah’s command arrived, ‘We have forgiven and blessed with salvation all the persons buried in the old graveyard of Mandogarh (Mando) were Miran Syed Ajmal RZ was buried.’ In that graveyard approximately 350 Hafiz-E-Quran were under the wrath of Allah, they were all given salvation in the charity of Miran Syed Ajmal Rz. Later, the companions did their best but failed to find the grave of Miran Syed Ajmal RZ. The dead of the graveyard were blessed.)

The fifth bisharat is this narrative:Hazrat Imam AS returned after the performance of Haj pilgrimage to Gujarat and stayed at Naharwala or Piran Patan for 18 months. At this place Hazrat Bandagi Miran Syed Mahmood RZ, all set to go on a journey, came and sought his permission to go and earn legitimate livelihood [kasab-e-halal]. Hazrat Imam AS was performing the wazu [ablutions]. Hazrat Imam AS told him: “Allah protect you! Wherever you are, remain with Allah. Allah may bring you back soon.” After this, Hazrat Bandagi Miran Syed Mahmood RZ touched the feet of Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS and started his journey.

The news of the arrival of Hazrat Bandagi Miran Syed Mahmood RZ, son of Hazrat Imam Syed Muhammad Mahdi al-Mau’ood AS, at Chapanir reached the king, Sultan Mahmud Begda, welcomed him with great courtesies and gave him a high position in his kingdom. The story here is long. In short, when Hazrat Imam AS started his journey towards Khorasan and reached Nasarpur, he sent Bandagi Miyan Syed KhundmirRZ towards Gujarat. At that time, Hazrat Bandagi Miyan Syed Salamullah RZ wrote a letter to Hazrat Miran Syed Mahmood RZ, “Why are you sitting there? Come here because this is the time of the Beneficence of Allah Most High.” When Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS came to know about this, he asked for the details of the letter. Then Hazrat Imam AS said, “Do not write like this. Tear the letter.” Then he said, “Write like this: ‘This banda is there [at Chapanir] and Syed Mahmood is here [at Nasarpur].’ O Musaddiq! know the station ‘maqam’ of Miran Syed Mahmood RZ.

The sixth bisharat:Is that Hazrat Bandagi Miran Syed MahmoodRZ performed the tark-e-dunya at the hint given by the souls of the Seals [of Prophethood and Sainthood]. In his dream he also saw that they took his hands In their own hands and brought him out of his house and told him, “Bhai Syed Mahmood! This is not the suitable place for you.” When he woke up he found himself standing outside his house. this was the station Maqam of Hz Syed Mehmood RZ.

The seventh bisharat:Is that when Hazrat Bandagi Miran Syed Mahmood RZ arrived in Khorasan in the presence of Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS, the first bisharat that Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS gave him was that “The son is coming as the son.”

The eighth bisharat:Is that one day Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS said there were three kinds of farzand [son or daughter]: poothi, pooth and puthinder. Then Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS said that puthinder was superior to the father in the rank, the pooth was equal to the father and poothi is inferior to the father. Here, the Imam AS said, “Bhai Syed Mahmood is pooth.”

The nighth bisharat:Is that one-day Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS is narrated to have quoted Allah Most High as saying, “O Syed Muhammad! If I had not made you Mahdi al-Mau’ood, I would have made Syed Mahmood the Mahdi al-Mau’ood.”

The tenth bisharat:Is that at Farah, Hazrat Bandagi Miyan Yusuf RZ experienced the state of kashf [divine inspiration] from Allah Most High. All the brothers of the daira drank his paskhurda [sanctified leftover] water. Hazrat Bandagi Miran Syed Mahmood RZ came back to the house and started crying. Hazrat Bibi Buwanji RZ told the Imam AS, “Miran Syed Mahmood is crying and is very sad. Please come and see him.” Hazrat Imam AS came and asked Miran Syed Mahmood RZ, “Why are you so sad?” With all humility,
Hazrat Bandagi Miran Syed Mahmood RZ said, “Miranji! I have three relationships with the khundkar:
(1) the relationship as the father and son;
(2) the relationship as teacher and disciple; and
(3) the relationship as the seeker and preceptor.

And between you and Miyan Yusuf RZ there is no relationship other than that of the seeker and the preceptor. Despite this, Miyan Yusuf RZ has experienced the Vision [of Allah Most High] and this banda has seen nothing.” Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS said, “Bhai Syed Mahmood! What is this desire that you have? He is celebrating the ruhani tajalli [manifestation of the soul]. Your condition is much better than his!” Then, giving an example, Hazrat Imam AS said, “You are like a person who is riding a fast galloping horse and is traversing the distance in full speed. He is neither bothered about himself nor about the sights of the road. He is focusing on his destination and taking notice of nothing else. On the other hand, the condition of the Miyan [Yusuf RZ] is like an old woman, who, because of her handicap, is engrossed in the sights of the road at times and traverses the road at other times.”
After this, Hazrat Bandagi Miran Syed Mahmood RZ said, “I should get something as the sadaqa [charity] of the Khundkar.” Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS replied, “One should not become a ‘Sadaqa-khwar’ [one who eats the proceeds of charity]. One should become a man. What is this; you desire the condition of Miyan Yusuf RZ?. If you want to desire something, desire the condition of your father. And if you want to see the condition, see the condition of ‘Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ’: He gets the manifestation of the zath incessantly, but nothing appears on his face. Even the complexion of his face does not change.”

[Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS gave bisharat and said, “He [Bandagi Miyan Syed KhundmirRZ] drinks seven oceans of Divinity in one gulp but his upper lip does not get moistened.” – aap uloohiyat kay saath 7 samanadar ek ghunt mein peeliye laikin lab-e-baala (oopar ka onth) thar nahi hua].

The twelfth bisharat:Is that one day at Farah Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS said, “As the goldsmith lights his coals in his furnace: some coals are fully lighted and some are partially lighted, our companions too are lighted in the fire of ‘Ishq [divine love]: some are fully lighted and some are partially lighted. They will become perfect by the bounty of Bhai Syed Mahmood RZ.”

The thirteenth bisharat:Is that one-day Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS said at Farah that the ‘Sair-e-Nabuwat’ is affirmed for Bhai Syed MahmoodRZ.

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