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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Imam Mehdi's (AHS) advent in India, Ajam (Ahadees)

As salaam u laikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu
Mahdi (AHS's) advent in India, Ajam (Ahadees).

In The Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful...
1. Hazrath Suban (RZ) narrates that Hazrath Rasool Allah (SLM) said "For your treasures (Caliphate) three persons will fight but none will overcome it, then black flags will rise from the east, they will massacre you {Halaku Khan's Army killed 1.6 million Muslims in Baghdad alone} in such a way that no group has done it ever before. After this Khalifatullah Mehdi will arrive, when you hear about Mehdi reach him and pledge allegiance to him even if you have to crawl over snow because he is Caliph of Allah the Mehdi" (Ibne Maja, Ahmed bin Hanbal, Haakim, Delami, Ruyani, and Nayeem bin Hammad).

{Geographical boundaries of Arabia: [To the west of Arabia is Red Sea and the African continent, ruling out any possibility of snow covered path] [South is Arabian sea and Indian ocean, ruling out the snow path again] [North is Asian plains followed by the Russian provinces and Siberia where the region is covered in snow almost all year round followed by Antarctic ocean without a dry] [South east is surrounded by the Persian gulf, southern Iran and Bulichistan. North east is the mountainous region of Khurasan where snow is enveloped for 4-6 months at a stretch making it treacherous for travel.]}

Hadith No.2: Abd Allah ibn al-Harith ibn Juz al-Zubaydi RZ said, the Prophet (SLM) said: "A people will come out of the East (India) who will pave the way for the Mahdi." (Ibn Majah).

Hadith No.3: Suban RZ narrates that Hazrat Rasool Allah SLM said "Two branches of my Ummah are such that Allah has saved them from the fire of Hell. One of them is that who will fight in Hind (India) {group of Hazrat Mahdi AS}, the other will accompany Isa ibn-e-Maryam AS. (Sunan Nasai)..

Hadith No.4: Narrated by Hz. Abu Hurairah RZ that Hazrath RasoolAllah SLM made a promise to us of the battle of Hind (Ghazwa-e-Hind). If I get this battle I will sacrifice my life and belongings. If I am killed in this battle, I shall be counted among high-ranked martyrs (Afzal Shuhada). If I return as a "Ghazi" (Conqueror), I will be that Abu Hurrairah who has been freed from the fire of hell." (Sunan Nasai) (Battle related to Khalifatullah will be called Gazwa in the religious terminology).

Hadith No.5: Ibne Umar RZ said that Prophet SLM said "Mahdi's advent will occur at such a village called as Kar'ah" {"The name of city of Jaunpur in ancient India was Kar'ah."
See the Book: Bharat Ka Pracheen Etihaas - ref. Braheen-e-Mahdavia by Abdul Hakim Tadbir} ("Al Arful Wardi Fi Akhbar il Mahdi" Jalaluddin Suyuti, Abu Nayeem, Abu Bakr bin Muqri, Ma'jam, Ibn Adi AlKalam, AlKuniji AlBayan, Dr.Taher Ul Quadri "Amad Sayyidina Imam Mehdi AS").

Hadith No.6: "Pity poor Taliqan (a region in Afghanistan) that at that place are treasures of Allah, but these are not of gold and silver but consist of people who have recognized Allah as they should have. They are the companions of the Mahdi AS of End of Times." (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi' 'Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman).

Hadith No.7: Abu Huraira RZ said: When we were sitting with the Prophet SLM Sura Al Jumu'ah came down. Then when the words "and others of them who have not yet joined them (Al-Jumu'ah 62:3)" came down, the people asked God's Messenger SLM who they were. Salman Al-Farsi RZ was among us, and placing his hand on Salman RZ {Non-Arab, Ajami} the Prophet SLM said "If faith were in the Pleiades (Ath-Thuraiya, the highest star) some of these men {Non-Arabs, Ajami} would attain it." (Bukhari)

Hadith No.8: Abu Hurayrah RZ: Allah's Messenger SLM recited this verse, "If you turn back He will substitute other people for you and they will not be like you" (47:38). The people asked, "Messenger of Allah SLM, who are these people whom Allah has mentioned will be substituted for us if we turn back and will not be like us?" He struck Salman al-Farisi {Non-Arab, Ajami} on the thigh and said, "This man {Non-Arab, Ajami} and his people {Non-Arabs, Ajami}. This man {Non-Arab, Ajami} and his people {Non-Arabs, Ajami} (said two times) If the religion were in the Pleiades (Ath-Thuraiya, the highest star) men from among the Persians would attain it." (Tirmidhi, Mishkaat).

Hadith No.9: Abu Hurayrah RZ: When the foreigners {Non-Arabs, Ajami} were mentioned in the presence of Allah's Messenger SLM He said, 'I have more trust in them (or, in some of them) than I have in you (or, in some of you).' (Tirmidhi, Mishkaat).

Hadith No.10: Umme Salma RZ narrates The Prophet SLM said: "... a man [Hazrat Mahdi AS] of the people of Madina {a large city not Madina Tun-Nabi or Madina Tur-Rasool} {Village Kar'ah became Jaunpur City in 800H} will come forth to Mecca... (Abu Dawud, Ahmed bin Hanbal, Hakim, Ibn Abi Shebah).

Madina in Qur'an: And from the remote part of the city there came a man running, he said: O my people! follow the messengers(36:20)
All the ten aforementioned ahadith came true on Hazrat Syed Muhammad Ajami, Hindi, Jaunpuri Mahdi-e-Maud AS, Aamanna wo Sadaqna.

Allah's Messenger SLM said "whoever denies the Mahdi, has certainly committed disbelief".
(al-Salami Iqd al-Durar, Jalaluddin Suyuti "al-Hawi Fatawi", Abu Bakr Askafi "Fawaed Aqbar", Abul Qasim Saheli "Sharah al-Sirah", Hafiz "Lisan al-Mizan", Shaik Abdullah bin Siddiq Qamari "al-Mehdi al-Muntazar", Shaik Hafiz Zahabi "Faraed Samteen", Ibn Naseeruddin Dimishqi, Jalaluddin Suyuti "al-'Arf al-Wardi fi Akhbar al-Mahdi", Ibn Hajar al-Haytami "al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar", Dr.Taher Ul Qaudri "al-Qawl al-Muatabar")

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